Hired by Amandus During my time
as a consultant at international HR
agencies in London, I learned one thing:
Nothing is as valuable as a conversation.
Talking with my customers. And talking with
potential candidates. I am continuing along this
path: I look for personalities, not people.

Not the first, but the best Unfortunately
the first candidate is not always the very best.
I look deeper and thus find higher qualifications.
Top performers that match the companies 100%
because of their technical and social skills.
Because the profile is right.
Because the motivation is right.

Social networking Even before
Facebook & co. my network was social.
And that means personal. I use these
many valuable contacts alongside the
trusted career networks and recruiting tools
to pre-select candidates.

Brainwinning vs. Headhunting Contrary
to the common industry practice, I always
speak directly. This means that the presented
candidates are really motivated to switch and
open for new perspectives. Direct conversations
have demonstrated that this is the case.

Time is short Short decision-making
processes and continuous documentation
of the work for the customers are a
matter of course for me.

You also gain from these benefits:

+ detailed pre-selection
+ qualified direct conversations
+ meaningful CVs
= amandusconsulting

After graduating in business management, I can look back
on 25 years of varied business experience,
18 years of which as an independent manager and co-owner
of a large BMW dealership.
My individual career moves have led over the years to a focus
on management and HR; so – after a sabbatical – I moved to London
and took on leading roles at a well-known HR consultancy.
Having returned to Germany I am now a freelance HR / management consultant.
An important criterion for me is to offer my customers the best possible service
and build up a trusting and responsible relationship with them.

Since mid-2013 freelance HR/management consultant
2011 to 2013: Senior consultant, Chameleon International Search Ltd.
2010 to 2011: Consultant, Chapmannblack Ltd.
2009: Sabbatical, move to London
1991 to 2008: Director / joint owner of BMW dealership Amandus Seekamp
1990: Consultant / Dealer Development Department, BMW UK Bracknell
1989 to 1990: Finance and Marketing Department, BMW Schiel Berlin
1985 to 1989: Hochschule Bremen für Wirtschaft, Business management degree
1980 to 1983: Car mechanic apprenticeship

Aktuelle Jobangebote

Stellenausschreibungen bzw Stellengesuche von Kandidaten (weiter unten):




 PLZ 0-9


-Architekten mit LPH 1-5 oder 6-9 oder 1-9
-BIM Experten (Teamleiter wie auch Fachkräfte)
-ÖPP / Kommunen / Abrechnung / Entwurfsplanung / Ausführungsplanung Experten
-KKS/Betoninstandsetzung Experten


-Wohnungs + Hochbau + SF Bau
-Tief + Spezialtiefbau
– Industrie + Ingenieurbau
-Bauen im Bestand + Sanierung
– Kabel + Rohrleitungsbau + Kanalbau

Spezielle Positionen:

PLZ Gebiet 29/30/31/38/39 (Grossraum Wolfsburg / Hannover)

-Regionalleiter/Standortleiter Hoch- u Tiefbau

PLZ Gebiet 2

-Prokuristen, Familienbetrieb (ca 200 MA), Industrie- u Hochbau,

-Werksleiter Betonfertigteile


-Bauleiter Rückbau / Abbruch


Lean Management / Operational Excellence / SixSigma 

Lean Experten / SixSigma Experten / Prozess Ingenieure
Standort: Bundesweit
Branche: sämtliche wie Maschinenbau / Medizintechnik / Baugewerbe / Aerospace / Automotive
Berufserfahrung von 0-20 Jahre (also Studienabgänger bis sehr Erfahren)

Lean Manager Bauwesen
Consultingfirma (Firmenstandort Stuttgart)
bundesweite Beratung und Schulung von Baufirmen und die Umsetzung von Lean Managementmethoden
hohe Reisetätigkeit (2-4 Tage)
Büro und Home Officebereitschaft (1-3 Tage)

Vertrieb / Werkstatt / Automobil / Landmaschinen / Bau- und Nutzfahrzeuge

Vertriebsspezialist / techn Außendienst
Standort: Grossraum Hannover / Wolfsburg
Außendienstarbeit, Kundenbetreuung, Akquisetätigkeit
stark vertriebsorientierte Person
Portfolio: Pumpen-Hydraulik-Pneumatik-Dichtungen
Produkte vom Weltmarktführer, Alleinstellungsmerkmal
Vorrausetzungen: technische Affinität wäre von Vorteil, die Ausbildung kann durchaus kaufmännischer Natur sein , natürlich auch technisch wie zB Industriemechaniker, Metallbauer, KFZ Mechaniker, Landmaschinenmechaniker, Metallbauer

Bau-und Landmaschinenmeister und Mechaniker / Fuhrparkleiter / KFZ Meister
Standort: Bremen/ Emden / Stade / Hamburg / Hannover
Branchen: Autohäuser von Automobilherstellern / Bau- und Landmaschinenhersteller und deren Servicebetriebe / Baufirmen / Speditionen / Sachverständigenbüros
Wartung und Instandsetzung
sehr gute Firmenkultur und Sozialleistungen

Leiter (Hebe-) Bühnentechnik
Branche: Automotive / KFZ- und NFZ Technik / Bau- und Landmaschinen
Standort: Grossraum Bremen / Landkreis Verden
Aufgabe und Verantwortlichkeiten: direkte Personalverantwortung, hohe Vertriebsorientiertheit, sehr gute Kommunikation, Betreuung des Kundenstammes und Akquise von Neukunden, wenig Reisetätigkeit
KFZ-Landmaschinen-Baumaschinentechniker / KFZ-Landmaschinen-Baumaschinemeister


Stellengesuche (Kandidaten suchen eine neue berufliche

Werksleiter/ Niederlassungsleiter / Head of Operations / Lean Leader / Head of Operations
Branchen: Maschinenbau / Automotive/ Metallbau / Baugewerbe/Rohstoffindustrie
Standort: Bundesweit

Produktionsleiter / Bereichsleiter / Lean Manager  
verschieden Branchen wie Chemie/ Food/ Metallbau/ Maschinenbau/ FMCG / Lebensmittel
Standort: nur Grossraum Bremen/ Hamburg/ Hannover

Branche:   Medizintechnik/Food/Elektrotechnik / Automotive/ Lebensmittel etc
Standort: vorzugsweise nur Grossraum Essen/Bochum/Leverkusen/Düsseldorf
Norddeutschland (evtl auch Bundesweit)

Marketingleiter / Marketing Director / Business Development /
Standort: Grossraum Hamburg/Hannover/Bremen
internationales Umfeld
hoher Reisebereitschaft
Branche: Kosmetik/FMCG/

Demand Planner / Strategischen technischen Einkäufer (m/w) /internationales Beschaffungsmanagement /
Standort: Grossraum Bremen/ Hamburg
Branche: Maschinenbau / Lebensmittel / Medizintechnik







Focus on figures In HR consulting my expertise is in Lean Management, Procurement and Sales. I provide tried and tested expertise and promising contacts. I am also well versed in coaching and employer branding.

Lean management Ensuring that the positive corporate values and traditions are not lost in lean management, requires managers that do not immediately assign everything to the negative side. We have managers who stand behind the hard numbers, data and facts.

Procurement What skills must buyers and head buyers have to implement the high expectations of cost management in a targeted way? We find buyers who generate rewarding added value for the company. Proven and sustainable!

Sales In some companies sales can be a plague and drive the rest before them. We know and find salespeople who blossom in their role.

Specialists and managers (all professions) Demographic change has arrived on the employment market – there is tough competition especially for highly qualified specialists and managers. Stay relaxed. We identify and present high potentials to you when your competitors are still messing about with the job description…

Car dealership As a result of over 20 years in car dealerships, it goes without saying that I have strong contacts in this industry. All positions – from managers to supervisors, from service employees to new car salespeople – I can fill them all.

Hidden champions A famous question that is often asked in interviews: “Why should we choose you?” The applicant has already got their answer at
the ready. But how would the company answer if it was asked of them? This requires employer branding that aims to establish a strong employer identity.

In particular for medium-sized companies, many of whom are “hidden champions”, it is getting ever harder to find qualified employees. They have to use
employer branding to position themselves as believable and attractive employers who can offer young talents something special.
Employer branding is used for


Corporate structuring
Company identity (via positive feedback effects)

Here too we provide expertise to open up opportunities and
measures that reveal your company as an employer.
Better to be “hip” than “hidden”.

Management on demand By definition interim
management is taking on management tasks in a
company for a defined period of time. Expressed
in a different way, interim managers are fire fighters
who turn up when there is a fire to put out in the
management suite. Where there is a lack of management
or a management task (due to retirement, sickness,
sabbatical), a crisis or a vacancy (short or long-term),
the interim manager is sure to help. Depending on the
project or task, they are integrated into the company
and undertake tasks in the same way as an employed manager.



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